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Selecting a leasing company is not simply a matter of getting the best rate. You need a leasing company that has the flexibility to offer you the payment structure that suits your cash flow, and has the dependability to be the financial partner to help you grow your business.

Here are some of the ways you can depend on BALBOA CAPITAL:

Fast Approvals: If your business is like most businesses, when you need equipment, you need it now; not a month from now. Balboa's APPLICATION ONLY program can get you up to $100,000 with a one page credit application, usually within 24-48 hours. And if we can't, we will let you know right away so you can consider other options.
Variety of Options: Not all businesses are alike. They have different needs and different cash flows. Balboa accommodates varied cash flows through it's STANDARD LEASE, MASTER LEASE, STEP UP, STEP DOWN, 90 DAY DEFERRED, QUARTERLY, AND SEASONAL lease structures.
Long Term Commitment: Qualified customers receive Balboa's VIP Card which comes with a pre­approved lease line of credit. You can go to a trade show, auction, or exhibitor show room with the comfort of knowing that you have funds available to acquire equipment. VIP Club members also receive free passes to trade shows and other benefits.
Trained Dedicated Account Executive: You will not be assigned to a customer service group or novice sales person. Rest assured that your dedicated account executive has graduated our training school and receives continued training. Our sales department is staffed with U.A.E.L. CERTIFIED LEASING PROFESSIONALS.
Friendly Billing: Ever have a billing question, only to realize that your loan has been sold six times and you have no idea who to caIl? Take comfort in knowing that Balboa's in-house billing and portfolio management department can help you with any billing or end-of-term questions. You will also receive REMINDER POST CARDS during and at the end of your lease to let you know where you are.

Your life is complicated enough.
Getting financing doesn't have to be complicated.
Balboa Capital can show you how easy it can be to get financing today with our easy application program.



1) Select the equipment you need from YOUR PERSONAL EQUIPMENT BROKER

2) Review the lease options described below and decide on an optimal term and payment plan.

  • Level Payments - Fixed terms between 24 and 60 months with a variety of purchase, renewal and/or upgrade options at lease end of term.
  • Seasonally Varied - Payment schedules with higher payments during peak cash flow months and token payments of as little as $50 per month during slow periods.
  • Step Down Leases - Payments are initially higher than those of a level payment lease, but reduce each year. This allows faster write-off and faster equity buildup.
  • 90 Day "No Pay" Leases - Payments for the initial three months are $50 per month an increase to "regular" levels thereafter. This allows time to get sophisticated equipment up and running before serious payments begin.

3) Complete the Lease Application below and return it to Balboa Capital.

  • Timely Service - Complete applications are processed within 24 hours.
  • Upon approval & receipt of executed documents, we will advise vendor and your equipment will be on its way. The lease commences when you actually receive and accept the equipment.


    100% Financing
    • Everything covered and no big down payments.

    Custom Payment Schedules
    • Payment tailored to your cash flow.

    Saves Bank Lines
    • "Alternative additional line of credit"

    Better Terms Than Loans
    No restrictions, no floating rates, no compensating balances.

    Tax Advantages
    • Direct expensing means faster write-off.

    Obsolescence Protection
    • Trade-up and add-on features increase flexibility.

    Easy and Convenient
    • "Application Only" processing up to $150,000

    Flexible Options
    • Buy, renew, trade-in or return at lease end.

    Cale A. Stubbe
    Phone: (949) 553-3440
    Fax: (949) 399-3140

    Download Application (.pdf)

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