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Douglas Rack Washer 1536-B

This is a used Douglas Rack Washer in excellent condition, with gas fired wash, electric rinse he…

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Douglas
Model #: 1536-B
Serial #: 98-4724
Price: $10,500.00


LVO High Volume Pan & Rack Washer - (48 Sheet)

The high capacity of the LVO RW1548 makes this pan washer a truly outstading piece of equipment f…

Condition: New
Manufacturer: LVO
Model #: RW1548


LVO High Capacity Pan & Rack Washer - (78 Sheet)

The LVO RW2580 Contains a powerful 25 H.P. pump that subjects your racks, pans, bowls and/or uten…

Condition: New
Manufacturer: LVO
Model #: RW2580

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