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Rhodes Kook E King automatic

Low cost automation of cookie production.

Accepts many types of dough (chocolate chips, raisin…

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: AM Manufacturing
Model #: KFK
Serial #: 861464


American Eagle Reversable Sheeter - AE-DS52

Designed to code of Baking Industry Sanitation Standards, the AE-DS52 is most suitable for sheeti…

Condition: New
Manufacturer: American Eagle
Model #: AE-DS52


Oliver Dough Moulder

The Oliver 600-R3 Moulder is designed for perfect shaping of rolls and various sizes of breads fr…

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Oliver
Model #: 600-R3
Price: $11,473.00


American Eagle Dough Moulder - (2 Models)


  • The clearance of the upper and bottom rollers are simply adjusted according to th…

Condition: New
Manufacturer: American Eagle
Model #: AE-DM31 | AE-DM32


LVO Production Table Sheeter/ Moulder - (2 Models)

The LVO Production Table and Sheeter / Moulder combines the features of a Production Table with t…

Condition: New
Manufacturer: LVO
Model #: SM220-9 | SM224-9


LVO Sheeter / Moulder - (2 Models)

Save time, labor and money with this easy-to-operate sheeter/moulder. Even the most inexperienced…

Condition: New
Manufacturer: LVO
Model #: SM20 | SM24


LBC Reversible Dough Sheeter

Available in either in a counter top model or stand models, the LBC reversible dough sheeters are…

Condition: New
Manufacturer: LBC
Model #: RDS-10/24 & RDS-10/20


LBC Electric Long Bread Dough Molders

Forming French bread loaves, baguettes or any other style of long bread loaves is simple and fast…

Condition: New
Manufacturer: LBC
Model #: LBM-20

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