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Oliver Mark XV Tie Matic

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Model #: Mark XV

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The Oliver Mark XV Tie Matic is five times faster than tying by hand which makes it the perfect way to increase production and profit.


  • Portable, efficient, and five times faster than hand tying.
  • Ties up to 35 large bags or bundles per minute.
  • Streamlines your operation and increases output.
  • Easy open and close twist-ties.
  • Standard “extra twist” provides additional security for your product and is recommended for bags weighing over 5 pounds (2kg).
  • %{color:red}_Optional_% heater for use in cold temperatures.


    *{color:gray}Motor:* 60hz | 115v | 3.2 amps


    *{color:gray}Shipping Weight:* 19lbs (9kg)

    *{color:gray}Height:* 10^3/4"^ (273mm)

    *{color:gray}Width: Top:* 5^1/2"^ (241mm)

    *{color:gray}Front Feet:* 9^1/2"^

    *{color:gray}Length:* 22" (559mm)

    *{color:gray}Spool Size:* 8^1/2"^ x 2" (216mm x 51mm)

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