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Tach-it Model #4500 Tie-Wrapper

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Model #: 4500

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Technologically superior, this table top model coil/bundle tyer uses a twist tie ribbon to securely tie coils, bundles, and hanks. Made of stainless steel and all metal components, this model does not utilize wear parts such as clutches and brakes to control its sequential operation, but rather a state of the art PLC and unique hybrid power system. Able to adjust automaticall to tie any item from .01" – 4" in diameter (larger sizes optional), this model is perfect for semi-automatic, inline, and conveyor applications. Using a variety of twist tie ribbons, this model is either self actuating or available with an optional foot pedal, can be used in either a vertical or horizontal position, and does not require operator training or adjustments to tie various size products.


  • With arm mounted in vertical position
    • Length: 35"
    • Width: 18"
    • Height: 28"
    • Weight: 79 Lbs
  • With arm mounted in horizontal position
    • Length: 32"
    • Width: 22"
    • Height: 13"
    • Weight: 79 Lbs


Tying Capacity: .01" To 4" (Automatically Adjusts)

Operating Speed: 35 per minute

Power: 110v or 220v (Dip switch controlled)

80 PSI Sustained pressure clean dry air

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